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Practical training to help your leaders handle challenging circumstances.

Resilient Leadership Training by Debugging Leadership has been specifically created to give your leaders the skills and mindsets they need to be effective in challenging times.

Help your leaders master everything they need when faced with organisational difficulties.

You’re here for a reason

Your leaders set the tone and culture for your organisation. Ensuring they “put their masks on first” is the first step in keeping your culture resilient, and helping your teams succeed.

The next step is teaching them how to help your teams with their resilience. Turning them into the coaches and leaders that are needed to ride the turbulent waves every organisation is challenged with.

Lastly, give your leaders the skills and mindsets to be effective communicators and influencers so your teams understand the change that is happening, and are motivated to work together with you for the greater success of everyone involved.

Debugging Leadership focuses on teaching your leaders these “Core Skills” to help your organisation thrive through challenging times.

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The overview


Organisations going through difficult circumstances who understand that investing their leaders with the right mindsets and skillsets is the best way of meeting those challenges.


Leaders impact their teams’ culture directly, and you want to be on the front-foot with that. Teaching, training and coaching your leaders to be a positive influence on that culture.


Debugging Leadership’s Resilient Leadership Training is broken down into 5 jam-packed video courses (over 3 hours of content) that teaches you:

  • stress management and resilience
  • how to handle difficult conversations like a pro
  • masterful conflict resolution skills
  • the art of building trust and,
  • providing a vision to excite your team fro the future.

Sometimes leadership is hard. Help your leaders, today.


The 5 jam-packed video courses (including helpful worksheets) are placed in a single online portal so you can access the courses when you need them. We can also support this with workshops delivered direct to your team, when it works for you.

Hi, I’m Andrew

Creator of Debugging Leadership

I started out writing code using a ZX Spectrum and over the span of my career I went from being a software developer to a manager to a lead and now a Head Geek, Technical Leadership Coach and Public Speaker.

Originally from the UK but now based in Melbourne, I started out as a software developer, and over the span of 22 years, I have gone on from being a developer, to a manager, a lead, and now as an Engineering Director, public speaker and a technical leadership coach.

I have learnt so much to get to where I am today and I’m most passionate about sharing my experiences and teaching the skills so technical experts can become better technical leaders.

I created because I wished it existed when I first started becoming a leader.

Resources for being a better technology leader are hard to find and I wanted to start curating the best ones I could to help people like me.

An investment of $250/year (Save $50!)

  • To sign up for these value packed courses. Normally, the cost is $300/year, which is a saving of $50!
  • Ensures you don’t miss out on the the new courses that are released regularly.
  • Join the community and learn from the experts who created the courses, as well as other leaders.
  • $250 gets you access to the course for 12-months, 24-7, when you need it. Listen, learn and action everything at your own pace. Get instant access when you signup.

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