Providing a vision and influencing people

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Influence is a super skill in leadership. It’s surprising how, the higher you rise in an organisation, the more your success depends on the work other people do instead of your own individual contributions.

It is also important to recognise that these people are often outside of your own direct and indirect reports. They could be peers, other teams or even your own manager. Every one of these people will be influenced in different ways

Recognising the power of influence, and becoming an effective wielder of this skillset, is how we move ourself out of Individual Contributor status and into the Leaders we know we can be.

The courses teaches you:

  • The important of influence and what happens when we fail at influence
  • The common pitfalls of influence
  • The “Influence Doorways” model influence and how its various Doorways present while influencing
  • The Influence Doorways Worksheet and three examples of how to use it when attempting to influence someone

Tutor bio

Andrew Murphy combines his 17 years of professional software engineering experience with a passion for leadership and communication skills. His main focus is on how we can be better technical leaders and developers by focusing on learning the skills most of us ignore – communication and leadership skills.

Originally from the UK but now based in Australia, Andrew has consulted, performed workshops and developed software for clients across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Technology in all its forms is part of his makeup and so he codes, speaks, writes, teaches, makes, games and listens to all things geek.