Focusing on Productivity

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In the demanding world of leadership, productivity often becomes a challenge, especially for those making the transition from individual contributors to leaders. Leaders must adapt from a planned and scheduled work routine to a more flexible approach that demands prioritisation on a daily or even hourly basis. The shift can feel overwhelming, leading to stress and a feeling of being swamped with tasks.

However, this feeling isn’t a reflection of having too much to do; it’s about prioritising and figuring out what needs to be done when. In leadership, there’s always more work than time in the day, and having a backlog of work isn’t necessarily a problem. The real challenge is how to get the right things done in the right way at the right time.


Lesson One: Time Management Strategies

This lesson focuses on executing the principles of prioritisation and how to plan effectively. It will offer various tips and tricks that enable leaders to be more efficient and effective.

Lesson Two: Calendar Management Strategies

Once individual time blocks are managed productively, planning those blocks becomes crucial. This lesson will provide strategies on how to set up your week for success, ensuring that every moment is utilised well.

Lesson Three: Knowing When and How to Say No

Understanding what’s essential and when it’s vital to protect your time and sometimes say no to requests. However, saying no must be done compassionately and empathetically. This lesson will teach you how to approach this often delicate task.

Lesson Four: Balancing Reactive and Proactive Work

Leaders must find the equilibrium between reactive tasks that constantly come in and planned, proactive work. Achieving this balance is paramount, and this lesson will guide you through the necessary steps.


This module will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of leadership productivity. Whether you’re struggling with time management or need strategies to balance different types of work, these lessons will provide you with the tools you need. Learn from experiences of overcoming unproductivity and gain insights into becoming a more effective leader. See you in the lessons!