Giving and Receiving Actionable Feedback

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Feedback is one of the most effective ways we make change in our team as leaders. Without giving feedback we don’t highlight the behaviours we want to encourage or discourage.

This course details what makes feedback actionable, and how to deliver it effectively. It focusses on the use of the framework for feedback that applies to all models. This is best used in combination with the Debugging Difficult Conversations course.

Additionally, receiving feedback is also incredibly important. It’s how we judge how other people view us as leaders, as well as giving us an opportunity to role-model the behaviour we want to see from our team and peers. Learn how to approach that situation with the right mindset and how to stay calm whilst receiving feedback. This is best used in combination with the Stress Management through Difficult Circumstances course.

At Debugging Leadership, we prefer the SBI model for giving feedback. This model stands for Situation, Behavior, and Impact. This model allows us to give feedback that is accurately actionable and gives the recipient the tools they need to make the feedback more effective. However, this isn’t the only model out there. We have also developed a model that works across any other feedback framework. This model allows you to improve any feedback given with any model.

To help you get in the right mindset for giving feedback, we have created a worksheet and will walk you through it. This worksheet will help you to prepare and plan for giving feedback, ensuring that it is accurate and actionable.

Remember, feedback is how we make change in our teams and organizations and is essential for effective leadership. Taking the time to develop this skill is key to improving the performance of our teams and ourselves.

This course will teach you:

  • The importance of feedback in a team
  • What happens in teams without Actionable Feedback
  • A general framework of feedback that applies to all ways of providing it
  • A takeaway worksheet (with examples) to make your feedback Actionable every time

Tutor bio

Andrew Murphy combines his 17 years of professional software engineering experience with a passion for leadership and communication skills. His main focus is on how we can be better technical leaders and developers by focusing on learning the skills most of us ignore – communication and leadership skills.

Originally from the UK but now based in Australia, Andrew has consulted, performed workshops and developed software for clients across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Technology in all its forms is part of his makeup and so he codes, speaks, writes, teaches, makes, games and listens to all things geek.