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Our belief at Debugging Leadership is that your success is directly proportionate to the number of Difficult Conversations you have.

You’re likely learning to be better at Difficult Conversations because you have Difficult Circumstances you want to overcome.

The circumstances won’t get easier the more you ignore them, they will get harder. The stories we tell ourselves in our own minds will get louder and the antagonists will become more… antagonising.

Difficult Circumstances need to be resolved by Difficult Conversations.

Over 80 percent of workers in the US found that learning to handle Difficult Conversations lead to finding better solutions to their workplace challenges.

Being able to participate in, and even drive, Difficult Conversations means we can resolve the challenges of our relationships with other people, but it also means we can earn their trust and respect. When we are able to engage truthfully and respectfully with the people around us we can improve our relationships with them and smooth out the inevitable bumps on the road.

This course will teach you:

  • What Difficult Conversations are and what happens when you ignore them
  • Why having Difficult Conversations can be beneficial to you, your team, and your career
  • A framework (and accompanying worksheet) to help you prepare for Difficult Conversations

Tutor bio

Andrew Murphy combines his 17 years of professional software engineering experience with a passion for leadership and communication skills. His main focus is on how we can be better technical leaders and developers by focusing on learning the skills most of us ignore – communication and leadership skills.

Originally from the UK but now based in Australia, Andrew has consulted, performed workshops and developed software for clients across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Technology in all its forms is part of his makeup and so he codes, speaks, writes, teaches, makes, games and listens to all things geek.