Building a network of advisors

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No one succeeds without help. In fact, the further you progress in your career the more the people around you define your success.

Building a strong network of advisors is an essential part of professional development and growth.

In this course, we will show you the importance of having advisors in your life and how to find, approach, and effectively utilize these valuable relationships.

The course will cover the value of a network of advisors, how to find the right people to be your advisors, how to reach out to them and explain your needs, how to get the most value out of your sessions with your advisors and how to end a relationship respectfully.

As we progress in our career, the number of peers and leaders around us decreases, which makes it even more important to have outside counsel. A network of advisors can provide guidance, support, and new perspectives that can help us succeed in our career.

This course gives you the guidance and structure to:

  • Understand what a mutually beneficial coaching relationship looks like,
  • Find places where potential coaches are accessible,
  • Have a plan for how to approach potential coaches,
  • How to get the most out of your sessions your coach,
  • How to end the relationship, respectfully, when you feel it should.

Tutor bio

Andrew Murphy combines his 17 years of professional software engineering experience with a passion for leadership and communication skills. His main focus is on how we can be better technical leaders and developers by focusing on learning the skills most of us ignore – communication and leadership skills.

Originally from the UK but now based in Australia, Andrew has consulted, performed workshops and developed software for clients across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Technology in all its forms is part of his makeup and so he codes, speaks, writes, teaches, makes, games and listens to all things geek.